City channels, water and skies, nature, beauty and a laid back lifestyle inspired her to create a line with a minimalist approach yet with seed beadwork, mixed with silver and gold and fine silk threads. Flashes of color, born from her passion for pop art colors and braided textures come to life in pieces of jewelry that add a Je ne sais quoi!

The Signature KADE blends directional design with effortless style.

This handcrafted friendship bracelet is the first statement from Sofia DiDo. Each piece mixes strong, clean lines with unique color palettes making it both modern and feminine.

SOFIA DIDO is the embodiment of the new style of luxury  which characterises contemporary woman.Elegant and addictive, SOFIA appeals to today's woman, with their keen fashion sense and subtle elegance.

Wearing SOFIA jewelery means making the choice of right attitude, jewellery that you will never tire of wearing,perfectly in phase with a modern lifestyle. 

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KADE is the iconic piece with delicate silk thread strung with tiny glass and spherical 24K gold sterling silver beads.

Adjustable pull closure with 24K gold over sterling silver crimped beads at ends and signature Sofia DiDo engraved tag.

KADE BAJA is, a contemporary, elegant update to the iconic KADE collection, perfect for everyday styling. KADE BAJA continues to draw inspiration from the modern aesthetic of the Contemporary era, with its clean lines and chromatic design.