Sofia Dido is a jewelery brand  based in London. The brand creates sophisticated pieces with a focus on timeless, minimal designs that are both unique and classic. Each line is hand made using a consistent foundation of the highest quality material- that can be worn through many seasons. Established in Amsterdam in 2015, Sofia personal style reflects on her own designs, because it is not seasonal or trendy. It is a classic piece for a life time.   

Sofia DiDo  expresses a sense of individiality finding her way around the fascinating world of jewellery and fashion style that goes with it.

She inspires and transform the beads from our childhood into a fine line of jewellery for women. City channels, water and skies, nature, beauty and a laid back lifestyle inspired her to create a line with a minimalist approach yet with gemstones, seed beadwork, mixed with silver and gold and fine silk threads. Flashes of color, born from her passion for pop art colors and braided textures come to life in pieces of jewelry that add a Je ne sais quoi!


Sofia  comes from a long tradition of jewelry makers. Both her father and grandfather have a history in fine jewelry back in the Bilbao region of Spain. She has lived in several cities but it was in Amsterdam, where she  felt the drive to design and launch her first collection .


"A jewel has long surpassed the simple status of accesorize, it is a way to define yourself" , and for that SD creates functional, contemporary pieces for the modern urban woman.